Is your company or organization facing innovation or significant changes? Do you think it's time to share and get acceptance for your vision or idea? Are you wondering how to involve your customers and/or employees in a change of direction?

Introducing our Pyramid of Technology, which shows the steps that an innovative technology goes through to eventually become fully accepted and commonplace. What questions will you encounter along the way? How can you translate this to your organization? Almost all of us deal with technological changes every day. Do you know how technologies are introduced, accepted, and discarded in our society?

innovative processes

The Pyramid of Technology visualises in seven steps how technology becomes natural. The model is a conceptual navigation tool that catalyzes innovative processes and helps you, your team, or your audience dream, build, and live in next nature. 

We would love to brainstorm with you, drawing from our broad expertise. Feel free to reach out, and we can explore (without obligation) what is possible.

Book Pyramid of Technology


3-6 hours (depending on custom made wishes)


Can be performed at any location


Drinks and/or dinner if location is Evoluon

Group size:

10-30 people


On request