Event location in the heart of Eindhoven

The Evoluon with its unique dome is a special event location. The term 'industrial' does not half describe this icon of Eindhoven: Its special shape with its multiple levels is industrial heritage, but immediately feels cozy and comfortable.

These spacious Rings offer an unforgettable event location- suitable for large presentations, or with different implementations in different places, such as reception, dinner, presentation and gala - in combination with the luxurious auditorium, a well-equipped conference center, a modern restaurant and, last but not least, the outdoor area.

Hall rental for any special event

A good event is the total picture of content and experience. By creating the right settings, you ensure that your audience is open to your message. The unique shape of the Rings offer many possibilities for variety without a long interruption of he program.

Just think of the musical possibilities for a company party: On the ground floor a large stage with a spacious dance floor can be created, and on the Rings even different rooms with different styles. Place a DJ on the platform with the dance floor underneath and a banging party is guaranteed.

But also for an event such as a congress: A small band can give a networking event the right ambiance, an act with acrobatics or dance can enhance the opening. Or break the ice with a small act on a 'trading' floor.

An event location with indoor and outdoor options

As an Outdoor location, the Evoluon is a hidden gem in Eindhoven. You can organize various activities on the grass around the pond. The site can be reached from the terrace of the restaurant or directly from the dome. And in bad weather? Then you move the team building activities inside!!

We are happy to help you with the implementation of your program. Every event is unique and requires a tailor-made approach: so get in touch quickly!

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