Theater hall in Eindhoven

Looking for a suitable podium for a presentation in Eindhoven? The Evoluon offers you three luxurious, fixed theater halls including a large auditorium: You will always have an ideal platform for your presentation, press conference or award ceremony.

Our large auditorium, the Philips Hall, accommodates 450 people, the Pollux has comfortable seats for 50 people and the special Vision of the Future, at the top of the dome, has space for up to 30 guests. The rooms all have luxurious, soft chairs.

Theater with spacious reception possibillities

Philips Theater Zaal in Eindhoven

As an event location, The Evoluon offers you more than just a theater; these theaters are part of a complete conference center in the heart of Brabant. This offers the option to use our restaurant (with bar) before or after your presentation, or to expand your program with workshops in one of the other halls.

The three theaters have things in common: the design and acoustics are ideal for speakers and really help to create interaction with the audience during  presentations. Further more, The Philips Hall has its own foyer decorated with a bar. Because of its size, this room is often used in combination with a reception in the Koepel (Dome), or as a reception area at the start of a conference.

The room is equipped with all technical conveniences, such as a furnished control room and three separate interpreting booths. In the hall itself, different light settings are possible in order to quickly switch between projection and presentation. Also, the stage is big enough for a small band. Here, with minimal resources, you can easily bring your organization to the attention of a large audiences. Would you like to know more about the dimensions?

Large stage for a select group

The Vision of the Future is special, small stage: this cozy theater on the third ring in the Dome (Koepel), invites for interactive presentations or training. The Pollux is located near the entrance and has a large space for the entrance: ideal for pitches after a workshop.

In addition to these fully equipped theater halls, it is also possible to build a theater on one of the rings or to place a theater setting in a conference room. Would you like to know more about the sizes and possibilities of these theater halls? The dimensions are online, contact us for all details or a tour.

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