Brainstorm sessions in a creative environment

Looking for an inspiring location for a brainstorm? Next to the inspiration Eindhovens icon gives automatically by its unique form, we also offer a specially designed brainstorm room. Depending on your desired brainstorming technique, the room can be set up in different ways.

Due to this setting, immediately a productive and creative atmosphere is created. Of course one of the regular meeting rooms could also be set up for a session full of innovation and inspiration. Especially if you have several groups active at the same time, the Evoluon is an ideal location: between the different rooms there is a central hall and restaurant where results can be discussed together.

An inspiring environment

No brainstorm without inspiration. Take your guests on a guided tour (on request) through the iconic building. The Evoluon and its surroundings have a rich history which can feed your brainstorm on a creative, inspirational level. Its past as a science museum and the unique form of the building are often enough.

In addition, the Strijp-S region offers many other niece outings; for example a stroll at Strijp-S itself, where the old Philips factories turns into residential houses and small business. Also Piet Hein Eek's work shop is nearby, at Strijp-R. A nice intermezzo during in a long brainstorming session.

Brainstorm session as a part of a conference

A creative session is often used as part of a conference: a small group of participants actively get started on a subject. Thanks to the many different rooms the conference center of the Evoluon offers, you have plenty of options to introduce these breakout sessions.

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