Meeting set-ups and their uses

Depending on the purpose of your meeting, you can arrange your room in various settings. From a 'theater' set-up for a presentation, to a 'block' set-up for a round table discussion. Below you find different types of setups for the most common meetings with a short description for each use.

We are happy to help you in choosing the right room with the most efficient set-up in order to get the most out of your meeting. Whether it concerns a meeting, presentation, training or workshop: tell us your goal and overall program and you will receive a tailor-made proposal.

Grote vergaderzaal met theateropstelling (2)


This setup is ideal for interactive presentations, sessions or board meetings: All participants have a lot of (writing) space. The tables are in a U-shape with a separate table at the open end, so that everyone has a good view of the speaker and each other. The U-shape is available for up to 38 people in a regular meeting room.

Cabaret set-up

The tables are separated from each other with two chairs behind and one on either side of the table, aimed at the speaker & the screen.
Ideal for sessions where you work in groups or longer presentations. The cabaret set up is available for up to 90 people in a regular meeting room.

Theater set-up

The chairs are arranged in rows, facing the speaker and the screen. There are no tables. With this set-up many people can attend a presentation at the same time. In a regular room, the theater set-up seats up to 200 people. The auditorium 460 people can be seated, and with a special arrangement on the Rings, you can host up to 1200 people in plenary session.

Block set-up

The tables are set up in a closed square. This arrangement is suitable for meetings without on-screen presentations. Participants have a good view of each other and a lot of space to write. The block set-up is available up to 46 people in the regular halls.

Scholar set-up

The tables are separated from each other, with two chairs per table facing the speaker / screen. Participants have a lot of space and the speaker has a great overview. Ideal for training, exams or intense presentations. The scholar set-up is available for up to 87 people in regular meeting rooms.


Variant on cabaret: Tables are not connected, with two seats on the left and right side, and a seat at the end of the table, facing the speaker and the screen.This creates more space between tables so that the speaker or participants can move easily among the room. The lecture setup is available for up to 140 people in regular meeting rooms.