Workshop at an inspiring location

Whatever style your workshop, the Evoluon is the best location in Eindhoven for it. With 20 rooms in different sizes you can always find the right sort for your creative session. The Evoluon itself as a location, triggers creativity: the rich history in the field of innovation is tangible in every room.

Every room can be set up in a different manner, adjusted to your preferred style of workshop, we put the chairs and tables in a desired arrangement. U-shape or multiple blocks are obvious, but there are many more possibilities; we are happy to advise you! For example, splitting up the group in different sessions, and then presenting the results of the various workshops in a theater hall. In the central hall and at the restaurant you can also introduce a small stand. A nice, easy setting to keep your workshop dynamic. An inspiring environment which will surprise you!

Break for new energy

Of course, during a workshop, your guests are well taken care of. If you choose a complete package, at set times, new physical energy is created during the sessions. Think of a break with special homemade, healthy cookies and a joint lunch in our new restaurant.

Get a breath of fresh air or host part of the workshop outside? Next to our restaurant you find a  lovely and spacious terrace with a view on the pond. From here you can take a stroll around the lake or organize a small (group) activity on the lawn. A nice change in program will surely that benefits the end result.

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