NANO Supermarket

50 products from the future.

The NANO Supermarket is an exhibition disguised as a supermarket that showcases speculative nanotech products from artists and designers that could be on the shelves within the next 10 years.

Google Nose, Energy Belt, Interactive Wall Paint, The Healing Game, and many more: our traveling mobile store allows people to experience the impact of nanotechnology on our daily lives. The thought-provoking nanotech products in the NANO Supermarket are both innovative and useful, as well as eerie and unsettling. Our products function not so much as predictions for the future, but rather as scenarios for possible futures that help us decide which nano-future we actually want.


  • A scalable exhibition: NANO Supermarket
  • A thought-provoking and inspiring experience about our future
  • Our NANO Supermarket brochure
  • Trained guides

Inspire your visitors with our unique and high-quality exhibitions at your festival, conference, company, or museum. The discussions sparked by our exhibitions encourage participants to think outside the box.


Some products are beautiful, others are creepy. But they are all intentionally designed to provoke debate. This combination makes visitors think about controversial topics such as genetic modification or body implants.


The brochure is an integral part of the entire NANO Supermarket exhibition. The eerie, supermarket-noir look sparks curiosity and attracts visitors. We distribute it in the exhibition area for publicity.


From our experience, we have learned that there are some optimal conditions for placing the NANO Supermarket bus. The project has the most impact when it is placed on its own in one of the following locations:

City squares

  • (Art and design) biennales


  • Science Centers
  • University Campuses
  • (Tech)festivals