For Education

The Next Nature Academy programs are investigative, creative and hopeful. We put not humans, but total nature at the center and help people think about the question "What future do you wish for?". We offer building blocks and inspiration to come up with new solution directions for societal challenges, such as climate change, food issues and robotization.

With our programs, we offer the philosophy, method and tools to learn to understand the complex dynamics of technology and nature. We offer new frameworks for thinking to form a picture of possible futures. Together, we move from wonder to change.


Inspired and fueled by a unique exhibition, we will work together on a program that initiates a sustainable organizational change.

Pyramid of Technology

We would like to introduce you to our Pyramid of Technology. This model shows the different stages innovative technology goes through before it becomes widely accepted and commonplace. What questions arise along the way? And how can you translate this into your organisation?


At the Next Nature Academy, we are always ready to help you translate your specific wishes or ideas into a tailor-made program for your organization.