Construction plans Evoluon

Evoluon building plans adjusted: no hotel but affordable housing.

EINDHOVEN - The original plans to build expensive rental apartments and a hotel are off the table. Instead, the Eindhoven City Council has decided that affordable housing should be built. With a large majority, the city council made this decision.

The owners of the Evoluon, Foolen, Reijs, and Hurks, had previously presented their plans to build two tall towers at this iconic building. These towers would include a hotel, workspaces, and student housing. In addition, the developers proposed to partially close off Tilburgseweg to make room for more green space.

These plans raised the necessary questions in the City Council last month. Several groups expressed concerns about the lack of clarity surrounding housing, financial support, parking and traffic flow, among other issues.

One of the politicians' main criticisms was the lack of affordable housing in the plans. D66 council member Chris Dams, the initiator of the proposal to adjust the building plans, emphasized the urgency of creating affordable housing. According to him, there is no need for a hotel or expensive short-stay housing.

Dams' proposal received support from nine other groups on the City Council, including GroenLinks. Council member Rutger Rauws stressed that it is important to take into account the housing shortage and also provide opportunities for house seekers.

Besides affordable housing, political parties have other demands if the site around the Evoluon is redeveloped. Preserving as many trees as possible is one of those demands. Six parties, including GroenLinks, have ensured that this is included in the plans. Rauws emphasized the importance of good biodiversity in the area.

So with the city council's decision, there will be no expensive rental apartments or a hotel at the Evoluon. Instead, the area will be used to build affordable housing. This decision was approved by a large majority last night. It is not yet known when construction activities will take place, but the owner has indicated he would like to start within two years. The next step in the process is the drafting of the environmental plan.