Spaceship Evoluon: one of the DDW locations.

From October 21st to 29th, the largest design event in Northern Europe returns to Eindhoven: The Dutch Design Week (DDW). And once again, the Evoluon has been made available as one of the venues for this iconic annual event. This year, you can find a total of five different exhibitions at our location. These include: SpaceFarming, Super Nostalgia, Circle Farm, Broccopork, and Guilty Flavours. Will we see you this year?

SpaceFarming: The Future of Food

In this exhibition, we will explore how we can grow our food in the future using different methods or even on different planets.

"How do we feed 10 billion people by 2050?"

By: Evoluon/Next Nature

Super Nostalgia

When Gawon Lee witnessed the impact of the climate crisis on agriculture, he wondered what the future of food would look like. This question led Gawon to create a series of supermarket posters from the year 2050.

"What would happen if your favorite foods disappeared?"

By: Gawon Lee

CircleFarm: The Community Garden

Communal Circlefarming is a method that fosters a connection between people and nature by growing food together.

"Growing food and connecting with the community."

By: Floris Schoonderbeek & Rosalie Apituley

Broccopork, Mushchiken, and Peaf

This project explores how people in the future will react to cultivated meat products by introducing a series of fictional cultivated meat products via TikTok.

"Making the unreal, real and inviting the future into the present."

By: Leyu Li

Guilty Flavours

Using microorganisms to make plastic waste suitable for human consumption. "Guilty Flavours" showcases the first scoop of vanilla ice cream ever made from plastic waste.

"Our ever-growing mountain of plastic waste is an insurmountable problem."

By: Eleonora Ortolani


Imagine a future where we can design our senses to meet our needs - perceiving radio waves, UV light, air pollution, and sugar levels in our food.

"The world is full of unobserved data."

By: Laila Snevele

Embassy of Food

If we approach our food differently, from how it's grown, transported, and consumed, we can make enormous improvements. For the planet and for society. But it won't happen overnight.

"The Farm of the Future"

By: World Design Embassies

Design Intelligence Award

At the Dutch Design Week, the Design Intelligence Award (DIA) celebrates innovators and entrepreneurs' imagination and inventiveness. During the past years, the DIA collected over more than 30.000 excellent works within four categories: Industrial Equipment, Living Wisdom, Cultural Innovation, and Digital Economy, from 61 countries and regions worldwide.

“Expect a surprising and exciting mix of excellent Design entries spanning a broad range of design disciplines and sectors.”

By: Stichting voor Design Promotion in Europa en China

More information?

Click here to visit the DDW website, where you can find more information about the various exhibitions.