Get inspired by a unique exhibition visit with a program. Next Nature Academy offers new tools to tackle today's and tomorrow's challenges.


RetroFuture displays images, stories, and visions from future thinkers throughout history, showcasing universal dreams and challenges we had and currently have. What sets future thinkers apart from you and me is their ability to see well ahead of their time. This is not because they possess a special gift, but rather because they take on perspectives that differ from the norm. They question the status quo and show us that "the" future does not exist, but rather there are multiple possible futures to consider.

Be inspired by the different lenses through which you can view the future and discover the future thinker within yourself. The future lies within today, and the art is in exploring possible futures and working towards a desired future. We cannot wait to begin this journey with you!

Next Nature Academy

How do we use the future to answer today's questions? This is the thread that runs through the program offered by Next Nature Academy at the RetroFuture exhibition. Not only do we offer a program for organisations and businesses, but also for students of all ages. From student to CEO, thinking about the future is an inspiring adventure for everyone.

The program consists of a lecture, a visit to the exhibition, and a follow-up workshop where we explore possible futures together. Participants are guaranteed to go home with different perspectives on the future. We move from wonder to change.

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7 hours (from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. incl. reception, coffee, tea, lunch and exhibition)


Evoluon Eindhoven, Noord Brabantlaan 1A, 5652 LA


drinks and/or dinner

Group size:

10 to 200 people


On request