Events in the Evoluon

The Evoluon in Eindhoven is the most comprehensive and versatile location with a unique appearance that perfectly matches the innovative character of the Brainport region.

The Evoluon offers inspiration to move forward, to do things different so you can offer your visitors a unique experience. From the invitation to the retrospective of your event: your conference, event or meeting will receive all the attention it deserves.

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Outdoor events

The Evoluon building reminds us of the evolution of technology and has a nostalgic feel that makes us reflect on the impact of technology on our lives and the planet.

The park surrounding the Evoluon is the perfect place for gatherings and events. The Evoluon offers inspiration to move forward and step outside the box. From the invitation to the debrief, your conference, event, or gathering will receive all the attention it deserves.

Congress | Presentation | Lecture

Whether you're looking to host an inspiring presentation for up to 440 people in our fully equipped Philips Hall or an intimate lecture in one of our meeting rooms, we will work with you to create the perfect experience for your guests. Looking for inspiring speakers? Our Storytellers will challenge you to let go of your current mindset and think from a new perspective.

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Dinner | Drinks | Party

Whether you're organising a business dinner, drinks, or party, our unique location provides everything you need for a successful corporate event. Our park-like surroundings and the iconic building illuminated at night create the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable evening.

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Meeting location

Our spaceship offers a diversity of meeting rooms suitable for every type of gathering. All our spaces are fully equipped to ensure the perfect meeting experience.

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Custom Events

Our unique location offers endless possibilities for organising a custom event that fits your wishes and goals. Add on thematic programs such as workshops, (mobile) exhibitions, keynote speakers, and guided tours to your schedule to create a truly unique experience.

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In the Evoluon, meeting rooms are named after planets in our solar system. Just as every planet, our meeting rooms are unique and have their own character. All rooms are equipped with comfortable furniture, a flip chart, and all necessary audiovisual support. At the heart of Evoluon's meeting center is the lobby: a central hub where all guests can enjoy surprising catering. We are happy to work with you to find the ideal culinary solution, from a fully catered lunch to a cocktail hour with insect or traditional Dutch bitterballen. Together, let’s amaze your guests.

Next Nature Academy

Curious about how your company, organisation, or team can leverage the future to tackle today's challenges? With our Next Nature Academy business programs, we provide the philosophy, method, and tools.

In our Next Nature Academy programs, you'll prepare for a new future alongside our enthusiastic facilitators. Together, you'll explore new ways of thinking about technology and the future, facilitating brainstorms, and kickstarting innovative processes.

Thank you!

Looking for something different than a bottle of wine for your speaker or a gift card as a token of appreciation for your employees? Take a look in our shop or consider a Next Nature membership to keep stimulating your employees' creativity all year round. We offer a beautiful selection of items that make us happy. You can order the items online or visit us at the museum shop in the Evoluon.