Meeting location in Eindhoven

Looking for an inspiring location for your meeting? Our spaceship has a diversity of meeting rooms suitable for any type of gathering. All rooms are fully equipped with all the amenities needed for an ideal meeting.

Are you interested in an inspiring workshop? Next Nature offers interesting programs such as workshops, (mobile) exhibitions, keynote speakers, and tours that you can add to your program to create a unique experience for your guests. We are happy to brainstorm with you to make the most of your event.

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Meeting possibilities Evoluon

As a conference center in Eindhoven, the Evoluon is unique in appearance and possibilities. With over 12 rooms accommodating up to 1200 people, this venue is also ideal for events that require multiple meeting spaces, such as a conference or symposium with a workshop or breakout session organized by the Next Nature Academy. Additionally, the Evoluon is suitable for a retreat, multi-day training or meeting due to its proximity to various hotels.


Looking for a location where you can hold meetings uninterrupted? You take care of the content, we take care of the rest.

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Transform your training into a unique experience with the desired atmosphere in our spaceship!

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Searching for the perfect location for your workshop? Inspire your participants and leave a lasting impression.  

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Unleash your team's creativity with a brainstorm session in our inspiring spaceship.

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Event Facilities

In the Evoluon, meeting rooms are named after planets in our solar system. Just as every planet, our meeting rooms are unique and have their own character. All rooms are equipped with comfortable furniture, a flip chart, and all necessary audiovisual support. At the heart of Evoluon's meeting center is the lobby: a central hub where all guests can enjoy surprising catering. We are happy to work with you to find the ideal culinary solution, from a fully catered lunch to a cocktail hour with insect or traditional Dutch bitterballen. Together, let’s amaze your guests.

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Next Nature Academy

Curious about how your company, organisation, or team can leverage the future to tackle today's challenges? With our Next Nature Academy business programs, we provide the philosophy, method, and tools.

In our Next Nature Academy programs, you'll prepare for a new future alongside our enthusiastic facilitators. Together, you'll explore new ways of thinking about technology and the future, facilitating brainstorms, and kickstarting innovative processes.